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Snoop Dogg has furthered his goal of becoming a top-tier zoologist, featuring in another episode of Planet Snoop for his YouTube channel Merry Jane. And this time the famed West Coast MC is confronting his undisclosed fear: snakes.

Snoop adds frantic commentary to a video of a zookeeper in south east Asia brazenly handling a family of King Cobras whilst trying to collect their eggs.

“Look at this shit, man!” Snoop beams. “This shit gives me the creeps, man. I can’t stand snakes, cuh.”

The level of this unnamed man’s tenacity and fearlessness in the company of coiled, venomous serpents is some next-level shit that even Snoop is barely able to fathom. For a widely-celebrated MC who famously flaunted the “G shit” mentality, listening to him shudder at the sight of a humble snake tamer collecting snake eggs is pretty damn hilarious.

“This is a bad motherfucker whoever he is, man.” Agreed.

Check out the video in the above gallery.

Snoop’s new LP, Cool Aid drops July 1 via Doggystyle Records.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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