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In December last year, Snoop Dogg was invited to the White House to perform at the 36th annual Kennedy Center Honors, a night paying homage to performing artists for their lifetime of contributions to American culture. What was unknown until now, is that Snoop (allegedly) toked-up in the bathrooms during the evening.

In his latest episode of The GGN: The Double G News Network, Snoop told guest, “the one and only, the king of late night,” Jimmy Kimmel, that after explaining to unspecified White House staff that he would usually light a cigarette or something to “get the aroma right” after doing the business, he was instructed to light a napkin instead. Napkin you say.

Given Snoop’s – no doubt – experience in smoking jays in tricky situations, he definitely left the window open and the fan on, like a gentlemen.