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Weekly updates

Yeezy hit the stage yesterday at the VMAS, not only to endorse himself for his 2020 presidential run, but also to preach the message that we should listen to the kids, bro. But it’s important for the kids to listen too, and those boffins on the internets have managed to find a way to do it–by gifting lovable (or terrifying depending on your disposition) ’90s talking bear Teddy Ruxpin with the impactful voice of Lord Yeezus.

To jump on the bandwagon, Funny Or Die has also appropriately recut Kanye’s speech into a stand-up comedy routine, and it actually goes surprisingly well. While there’s been a slew of Ye memes over the past two days, these are probably some of the best. You can check those two videos, plus a “bro!” supercut in the gallery above.

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