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It is an uncomfortable, but inevitable, fact of life that anyone with access to a computer prior to 2009 is trapped in a constant struggle to keep at least one cringeworthy online persona from resurfacing and ruining their trendy 2014-model lives. If you can’t sympathise with Soulja Boy’s tragic (or classic) self-written 2006 Wikipedia page, you’re either a huge liar, or still in the middle of your embarrassing phase.

From start to finish, the entry serves nothing but absolute gems, describing his first meeting with Young Kwon (“They cliqued in one day”), early hits like “Make Ya Face Beat Up My Handz” and his years attendin Parks Middle School. The Gospel according to Soulja Boy ends on a decidedly hopeful note as he adorably writes,  “As of now Soulja Boy is sure to land a deal soon. Soulja Boy is the next big thing to arise in the Hip Hop Scene. Only being 15 years old of age and accomplished this much.”

See the entry for yourself here.

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