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Grand Theft Auto games have always featured stellar soundtracks. Back in Vice City you could run over old ladies to Billie Jean and in San Andreas you could pop the hydraulics in your low rider to NWA. The sounds of GTA V offer the same satisfaction. Featuring seventeen radio stations hosted by the likes of Flying Lotus and Big Boi, with tracks from Kendrick Lamar to Aphex Twin for you to rob, shoot and if you feel like it, sell and buy shares to.

Now, the tracks have been made available on iTunes. Three volumes are available, each with their own distinct flavour. The first volume is series of songs made just for GTA from the likes of Tyler, The Creator to Twin Shadow. The second is the original score, a collab between psych-rock band Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No and DJ Shadow. The third volume features a selection of tracks from across all seventeen stations.

The tracks can be previewed here and purchased at iTunes.

William Miller