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Weekly updates

Whilst purists may not agree, Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ app seems pretty goddamn comprehensive. This is no ‘my first DJ’ app.

Based on its longstanding and highly-acclaimed Traktor software and hardware, the app waves goodbye to the days of lugging around crates of vinyl and heavy decks. Allowing users to loop, scratch, and create mixes on the go, the app can virtually represent up to four decks and comes equipped with three different audio interfaces including Traktor Audio 10, 6, and 2. Using various hand gestures and motions to control the app, it’s wonderfully tactile.

For old-school pros, the app still has some killer appeal. DJs can prepare sets on their iPads, then transfer the data across to play sets using their existing tools. Use your time on public transport effectively to test-mix, prepare cue points, loops, and make sure grids are correct.

Take a look at some shots of the app above, and if you’re keen to get your beat-making on download your copy here.