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In today’s Twitter beef, in case you haven’t been anywhere near the internet, Kanye West has picked a fight with producer Deadmau5 (or was it the other way around?) after being ‘caught out’ using Pirate Bay.

It was apparently a joke, seeing as Kanye is on some 24/7 troll action these days, but he wasn’t about to let that tweet slide so easily. Ye unleashed his now-expected barrage of lame jokes and puns, directed at Deadmau5, including questioning the pronunciation of his name and likening him to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The Canadian producer, known for a little tweet for tat himself, hit back a couple of times with some cutting comments himself, but ultimately decided to do the sensible thing and hit the hay. Not before changing his Twitter name to ‘dead mow cinco’ though.

If you’re not prepared to subject yourself to all the Twitter action (because you know the fans are getting in on it too), take a look at some of the key moments in the gallery above and probably get screenshots ready for the inevitable next round.

Weekly updates