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Frank Ocean fans have been waiting a long time for the follow-up album to Channel Orange. We were teased by a Tumblr post a few months ago, seemingly indicating that the hotly-anticipated record, possibly called Boys Don’t Cry, would be dropping #July2015. Well, it’s only a few days into August but the internet has become unmanageably restless with no further news from Frank’s camp about the promised record.

There have been whispers of updates to Frank’s website, including apparent coding for a webstore and alleged Boys Don’t Cry merchandise; the singer’s little bro trolled everyone with this Instagram ‘release’ information; there are just way too many emotions at play here. And maybe that’s exactly what he wants us to feel, in the lead-up to the (hopefully impending) release of the new album. We collated some of our favourite Tweets from FrOcean fanboys in the gallery above.

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