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We’re not sure if Kanye is cracking under the pressure of his impending album release or if it’s all just a strategic marketing campaign to amplify his chances of success, but ICYMI, he’s changed his album title (again) and added another track to what we thought was the complete tracklist. SWISH has become WAVES and the album is now going to be presented as three ‘acts’, with a new track ‘Ultra Light Beam’ set to finish off the long-awaited project. The tracklist also features some updated signatures to add to Kylie Jenner’s original tag, and now includes other studio visitors A$AP Rocky, The Dream, Swizz Beats, and (of course) Kim Kardashian.

Of course, the internet hasn’t wasted any time in reacting to this latest news and heaps of fans (and otherwise) have already shared their opinion about the abrupt name change. Take a look at some of the reactions (and obvious jokes) above.

If you’re keen on getting in on that global premiere action, it looks like Hoyts have it scheduled in Melbourne and Sydney for 8am on February 12.

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