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Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator posted the above to twitter earlier today and subsequently threw the entire hip-hop community into speculation about the future of OFWGKTA. The post was made during a series of tweets and Instagram posts by Tyler reflecting on the past of the group.

The news isn’t exactly surprising considering most of the OFWGKTA guys have been doing big things in the solo arena. Tyler’s solo effort Cherry Bomb, Earl’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, Domo Genesis’ album Under the Influence are all indications of the guys maturing as independent artists. Plus, Frank Ocean is reportedly still working on the follow up to channel ORANGE so it’s not all bad news.

Some have likened the break up to graduating college and getting a full time job. It seems reasonable to assume that the guys are just too busy these days to spend time with each other outside of their respective projects. Of course, we could all be completely wrong and those seven letters Tyler is referring to might just be C-R-E-A-T-O-R, signalling a name change (we want to believe).

While Odd Future may never reunite, it has been clear for a while the that party was over. OFWGKTA leave behind a huge legacy one which future artists could only hope to recreate. Just try not to cry when you watch that vid in the gallery above.

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