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The Daily Mail, the second highest circulating newspaper in the UK, has absolutely jumped the shark in the schools of fact checking and culture reporting.

In an article that ran on Wednesday about the negative racial reaction to Taylor Swift‘s latest video clip, Mail reporter Carolyn Hiblen did what any journalist does when seeking clear, concise facts and trawled Twitter for reactions to T-Swift’s twerk track.

While Hiblen was able to identify Earl Sweatshirt as a member of Odd Future, his apparent ‘bandmate’ (yeah, really) Flan Emoji was a complete unknown to us. Was this a Tyler character? Minor protege? A member of The Internet? Nah son, it’s A-Trak.

So somehow, SOMEHOW, Hiblen not only took A-Trak’s Twitter handle seriously, but also got it mushed up in the pool of general offence towards Taylor Swift’s openly terrible new clip.

This would all be forgivable if we weren’t talking about a turntablist that’s maintained a high level of fame for 17 years AND the fact that right next to his handle “Flan Emoji” on Twitter is @atrak. It’s even embedded as an image on the actual Daily Mail story.

We can’t blame Hiblen too much. The ‘Australian celebrity’ as described by herself on her personal website would understandably have a hard time keeping up with kid’s music and youth culture. What with the hippin’ and the hoppin’ and the bippin’ and the boppin’.


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