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Weekly updates

In an ACCLAIM exclusive, electronic-based duo Collarbones have released a mysterious trailer for the upcoming and second album Die Young.

As fans of Sydney-based, Marcus Whale, and Adelaide resident, Travis Cook, will know, they created their debut LP Iconography via the magic of the Myspace Generation, sending tracks and vocals back and forth through the internet. Through their love of experimental pop and R&B cuts they have crafted their own unique sound with a cut and paste that has drawn them an international audience, having been featuring in the likes of Two Inch Punch’s mix for Dummy Mag as well as being called the ‘hottest new band you may not have hear of yet’ by The Brag.

By the Parisian director Michael Salerno of Kiddiepunk, the preview is an alluring glimpse into the literal spooky forest of their sounds. Set for release in September, Die Young looks like one of the most exciting releases of 2012.

Catch Collarbones at OutsideIN Festival on November 10th and online on Facebook and tumblr.