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In the second instalment of Diafrix’s video series, Pocket Full Of Dreams, Momo talks about his childhood and growing up in Melbourne’s Western suburbs at a time when there were few African families immigrating to Australia.

When writing the track Light Will Shine (To Be Me), he recalled his upbringing, from his family life to being one of the only African kids at school, and not having a connection to anyone ‘who was like him’. For the MC, not having someone he could relate to as a youngster has had a huge impact on his career saying “it’s a great feeling when people approach you because they can relate and they feel you’re representing them”.

Light Will Shine (To Be Me) was produced by M-Phazes. Hear an excerpt of the track in the video above.

Diafrix’s new album, Pocket Full Of Dreams, drops September 28th through Illusive. For more on the release and to pre-order, head to diafrix.com. The Pocket Full Of Dreams tour travels to Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle in October. Get the tour dates and info via Facebook.