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Weekly updates

Shave the depravity off the top of Craigslist, and you have Gumtree; a free-to-use classifieds website synonymous with share houses and low-cost, semi-functional used BBQs. Amongst the churn of suspiciously cheap car sales and second-hand textbooks, true bargains occasionally rise to the surface. This is one of those times.

Meet Chris. He’s a 6’7″ basketball player from Western Australia who just touched down in Melbourne with a pocketful of dreams and a head full of Drake verses. He loves Drake so much, he bought two gold package tickets as soon as they went on sale. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know too many people down in ACCLAIM Magazine’s beloved chilly city so now he’s looking for a friend who shares his appreciation of the OVO figurehead to make nice and come along with him this Friday.

Interested? You can apply to be Chris’ friend on his Gumtree profile here. Hopefully you’re the one the self-described ‘bloody ripper of a bloke’ picks to be his partner in crime. Let’s just hope that If You’re Reading This, You’re Not Too Late. (I’m so fucking sorry for that) and Chris, if you’re reading this, we’ll be your friend too. Just keep those luxe ticket offers coming, yeah?