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Here’s a new 2 Chainz video for your gratuitous booty perving pleasure. Filmed in the seedy streets of nightlife Jamaica and singing about ‘Mainstream Ratchet’ ladies, this has plenty of cushion for the pushin’ with your usual bed-hopping, female-slaying braggadocio. What I love most about this song has nothing to do with the video or the lyrics, but Rap Genius‘ description of what the song is about:

“This song is 2 Chainz’s take on ratchet women. The term began as a largely derogatory term for women, though has since been partially reclaimed to have less of a purely negative meaning. This is demonstrated by this song, where 2 Chainz clearly likes ratchet women but also not in an entirely respectful way.”

Nailed it!

Mica Nantes

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