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Carmouflage Rose Walks Us Through ‘Late Nights’, the A1 Hip-Hop Track That Changed His Life

The Brisbane rapper takes us inside the song he recorded in his self-built studio space for ‘Starting Point’.

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Welcome to Starting Point, a Spotify series produced in collaboration with Complex and Acclaim. We’re following four Australian rappers from Spotify’s flagship A1 Hip-Hop playlist to the places they feel most creative. We’ll hear the stories behind their breakout tracks, and learn more about what drives them to create. Last week we heard from Sophiegrophy on her breakout track ‘Bag’. This week we follow Brisbane’s Carmouflage Rose on the creation of his A1 hit, ‘Late Nights’.

Born in Zimbabwe, based in Brisbane, Carmouflage Rose is one of Brisbane’s best hip-hop artists. His sound, combining R&B inflections and dancehall cadences, is crafted alongside his producer James Angus.

In 2018 Camo released ‘Wildflowers’, the R&B lead up to his debut EP Taste, clocking  over two million streams. But it was the 2017 party anthem ‘Late Nights’ that really got Camo on our radar—to date, ‘Late Nights’ boasts ten million plus streams, in part thanks to a feature in Spotify’s flagship A1 Hip-Hop playlist. “That track changed my life, man… I don’t see no regular degulars in [A1 Hip-Hop]” Camo laughs.

In the third instalment of Spotify’s Starting Point series, Camo and James walk us through the making of ‘Late Nights’ in their Fortitude Valley studio. Camo chats trusting your producer, building his studio, and residing with the best of the best.

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