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Watch: Grimes – ‘California’

Featuring ribbon twirling and some eccentric dance moves

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Grimes’s latest visual instalment from Art Angels, ‘California’, has just dropped, proving once again that Grimes is a creative force to reckoned with.

This song is less of the mystical electronica that you’re used to hearing from Grimes, and is more of an addictively sweet pop hit with a deliriously good synth sound. It’s bittersweet though, as she sings “California, I never thought you’d end up treating me so bad”. The lyrics echo previous statements made by Grimes about the pressures of the music industry, and her discomfort with “commodifying all the pain”.

The video itself looks like it’s straight out of the ’80s. We see Grimes awkwardly performing on a bright stage, looking overwhelmed by the glittery garishness surrounding her. This is then contrasted with the muted colours of an art studio, where Grimes starts to become truly alive and empowered.

Check out the video above.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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