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Weekly updates

It seems Grimes’ Tumblr is getting all the hits lately. With this powerful post about the shit that comes along with the industry and how she’s over it – to an old unreleased video posted over the weekend. This Venus in Fleurs, directed by Video Marsh was apparently supposed to be released ages ago but it didn’t comply with the press cycles at the time. So she’s gone ahead in true Claire Boucher style and shared it herself!

A song off her 2010 debut album, Geidi Primes, an old mostly wordless, meditative video. It’s very subdued but in the best way. Shot entirely at a bird sanctuary in British Columbia, Canada, Grimes admits, “It’s a different vibe entirely. I think it’s very very beautiful and haunting and peaceful and scary”.

That description is certainly accurate. This wasn’t what we were expecting but it seems the girl can do no wrong. Watch for yourself above.