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Weekly updates

An early Iggy Azalea music video has leaked and it seems the rapper went through a Britney Spears phase. The clip, reminiscent of Spears’ ‘Toxic’, shows Azalea dressed as some kind of flight-attendant / stripper dancing suggestively with other flight attendant / strippers in a dingy office space. And the audio side of things isn’t much better (if not considerably worse): Azalea sings over a synth-pop-dance track in an awful muffled, autotune-drenched voice, with lyrics about… herself, maybe? For example, “Baby I’m a genie / What you want I got / You know my number”.

She’s changed tack since the creation of the ‘Nothing Like Me’ clip and her music is now, arguably, far less derivative. Now that she’s ruling the charts with ‘Fancy‘ and is also scaling the heights of YouTube with over 200 million views, she’s finally realising the pop star dream she had in ‘Nothing Like Me’, but with a little more creative vigour.