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Is there anything better than when separate elements of popular culture collide and interact? When Kanye gets Paul McCartney on a track, or Miley starts rapping onstage with Rae Sremmurd? It’s those overlaps and encounters that breathe life into genres and cultures, and potentially generate new and exciting ideas.

Recently, the legendary Sway Calloway invited former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, to discuss the legacy of punk and its similarities with hip-hop. From a fundamental root in DIY culture, to a sense of social protest and giving voices to the voiceless – the two music scenes have many parallels. Lydon reflects on the Pistols’ legacy, and assures the audience that he’s still interested in pushing social change. While Lydon’s punk credibility may be questionable at this point in his career, it’s interesting to see two massively influential fixtures of their fields in discussion.