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While Kanye is never far from controversy, his latest attention-grabbing manoeuvre has even his die-hard fans confused. It’s almost dumbfounding. During the rapper’s Yeezus tour, ‘Jesus’ has been brought out to intro Jesus Walks. Oh yeah, Kanye – we get it. The song is called Jesus Walks, so you brought out Jesus to walk on stage. Subtle. Definitely not going to offend anyone.

Well, as with all of Kanye’s controversial moves, the rapper has a way of justifying his choices. In an interview with The JV Show, the 21-time Grammy winner is comparing the move to Michelangelo and the Sistine chapel. While he is a musical genius, he clearly has no idea how culture works, despite inventing the leather jogging pant.

The problem with this interview is the fact that everyone just agrees with him. It’s almost as if they baby him – he can do no wrong. “Oh yes, Kanye, Michelangelo – very accurate comparison.” (They didn’t actually say that, but they may as well have.) He also discusses the Illuminati and how he changes for those in the corporate world, while relating everything back to classism and religion.

Someone get this man a PR person.

William Miller