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LIZ makes the kind of saccharine sweet perfect pop music that I can’t even pretend not to like. It’s basically exactly what I want to hear when I wake up hungover and realise that I’ve arranged to have lunch with my parents at my place in half an hour and I need to locate the vacuum that I haven’t used in six months in an effort to convince them that I’m a functioning adult, and that I’m capable of tasks that extend beyond browsing ebay and collecting vintage video game consoles that I could only dream about as a kid.

So I’m jamming LIZ feeling pretty good about myself despite the fact that it feels like whiskey literally took a shit in my brain/mouth, but then my girlfriend comes in laughing and she’s all “Why are you listening to this girly music?” And suddenly my masculinity (which I’m totally secure with btw) is undermined and I’m like ” I don’t know, it’s just on shuffle,” and I put on M.O.P. really loud even though I don’t want to and at lunch I can’t really look my Dad in the eye.

Then two weeks later I’m at a house party and there’s a DJ who drops ‘All Them Boys’ and my girlfriend leans over to her friend Bec and says “Oh, I love this track,” and I tell them that I have to get another beer and excuse myself to the kitchen where I stand over the sink while a single tear runs down my cheek.

Also, we featured LIZ in the ‘Loud’ issue –  so you should check that out.