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Weekly updates

As promised, the video clip for Miley’s ‘Adore You’ dropped on the 26th in the US and it’s, well, a little underwhelming. Expectedly, most of the video shows Miley in her underwear, under a sheet and rolling around suggestively with VHS camcorder in hand. Now I am certainly no Smiler (or whatever the Belieber equivalent is for her) nor have I actually seen the ‘Wrecking Ball’ clip all the way through, but this is a definite turn down from any previous efforts from her camp. She might be able to do shock and awe but she needs some work on her sexy. The sauciest bits were probably reserved for that split-second teaser she previewed and the rest is just awkward Starbucks Drake hands face-touching – weird. But maybe it’s your thing. Hit play above and see for yourself.