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It’s a sad reality but some of the things we grew up using and cherishing, like the Walkman, will be laughable to future generations. While vinyl still has a level of romanticism attached to it, the ol’ portable cassette playing is merely a prop to suggest ‘retro’ these days. And fair enough. It’s not like cassettes actually sound that great. The noughties kids in this video don’t even know what they are. The Walkman seems destined to sit as an ancient artefact in the museum that is hi-fi tech. Regardless, I always felt like a boss walking around the house listening to “…Baby One More Time” on my mine.

35 years since the first Sony Walkman was released in 1979, it’s about as familiar as the first mobile phone to us. This video will definitely make you feel old, but I’m also questioning what they teach these kids in school. Come on, how can you not know what a cassette is?

Watch the clip above but beware: you will scoff and you will raise raise your eyebrows. You might even feel personally offended. I was.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.16.58 pm

Please someone make him stop.

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