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If you were around for the release of Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’, you are definitely going to vibe on this one. After re-emerging earlier this year, the rapper is finally back with new music… that looks and sounds a lot like the Missy we came to know and love from those early 2000s—not that that’s a bad thing, especially for OG fans.

‘WTF (Where They From)’ is another dance routine-heavy, uptempo, slick-talking track and video, with an assist from Pharrell Williams (albeit in puppet-form). Missy has always been known for her mind-melting videos and while this one definitely throws it back to her past work (complete with brand new blonde b-girl), there are continuous reminders that we are now in 2015 eg. the presence of swegways, naturally.

And while the majority of commentators, famous or otherwise, are really feeling Missy’s new vid, there’s already some unrest brewing online with the Youtube comments filling up quickly with arguments for who is the Queen of Rap. Hint: Nicki Minaj fans are typing the loudest. Hopefully that negative energy stays at bay because the clip is about sheer fun. Check it out above.

Weekly updates