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“POW! – It’s the impact that art has on a person. A punch in the face.
WOW! – It’s reaction that art has on a viewer. A sense of awe and wonderment.
Together they form POW WOW, which is a term that describes a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art.”

The POW! WOW! and Flexfit School of Music is in its  second year running, providing the youth of Hawaii with an annual two-week collaborative music project. The program focuses on composition, vocals, percussion, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass, recording, performance and the music business.

“Most other music schools outside of this are in the usual classroom setting, where it’s very much ‘sit down, we’re going to give you a lecture and a bunch of theories.’ Whereas with POW! WOW!, we are in a creative space already,” co-instructor Nick Kaleikini explains. “And we’re trying to introduce new teaching methods… definitely a lot more interactive and collaborative, because POW! WOW! as a whole is very much a collaborative-based project.”

Many of the students never even felt comfortable to share their music with other people, but program allowed them to open up creatively to a like-minded group of “fast friends”, and they had the opportunity at the end of the fortnight to perform at POW! WOW! Hawaii’s closing night to over 10,000 people.

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