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Premiering on Vice’s new food channel MUNCHIES, is the first episode of Action Bronson‘s monthly web series Fuck, That’s Delicious. The Best Milkshake Ever kicks off at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, with Bronsolini regaling tales of tour-life having crossed the globe in two months and tasted many cuisines.

The former chef-cum-rapper tells tales of crispy pork belly and seasickness in New Zealand, a sumptuous meat plate in South Africa and the best malt milkshakes in Queens. Talking to MUNCHIES about what Fuck means to him, Bronsolini said:

“If I could describe what Fuck, That’s Delicious means, it is literally a feeling. There are no other words to describe what you just ate. You just have to curse and be vulgar and violent, you know what I mean.”

Read more from The Action Bronson Way to Eat Around the World here and get excited for episode two.

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