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The recent interview by Huffington Post quickly turned very uncomfortable when questions arose about R. Kelly’s multiple lawsuits and allegations with him having sexual relations with minors.

After releasing his 13th album, The Buffet, the R&B singer posted a video calling to all his fans to support not only him but also fellow artists. He speaks about his collaboration with his daughter on his new album, as well as his evolving genre of music that continues to sell.

The interview went sour when R. Kelly interpreted questions as well as comments from his ‘fans’ as a deposition. An interrogation of his personal life to which he said “fuck that”. It turned into a competition of who can get the last word in and ended with R. Kelly getting up and simply walking out, after he’d expressed his love for everyone, of course.

Despite no actual questions being answered, we were left with one very inspiring idea, from the man himself: “I’m not perfect but I’m perfectly myself.”

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

Weekly updates