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That was the chant from Killer Mike and the SXSW crowd today after a member of the fuccboi genus strolled onto the stage and tried to lay out El P. Not much is known about why the dude was disgruntled, and there probably isn’t much to know. The wanna-be celebrity boxing participant must have been out of his mind to think that getting up on stage to brawl someone with their own security team (read: people paid to whoop your ass if your encroach on their space) was a good idea.

The “brief interruption” as El put it, was handled quickly but there was still enough time for these videos to go up on Instagram. Check the clips out here, here and here (don’t forget here).

Run The Jewels didn’t take a leaf out of Bronsoliño’s book for this one, they let security team handle it instead and El P then shouted them out on Twitter for holding them down:

Like true professionals the show continued after the man was ejected from the scene, and judging by the Tweet below, they killed it.

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