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Watch: SIA and Pusha T deliver powerful track ‘Unstoppable’ for the Rio Olympics

The Olympics are just around the corner and this is just what you need to get amped up about it

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Musical superstars Australian singer/songwriter SIA and rapper/GOOD Music president Pusha T have teamed up to give us the awe-inspiring track ‘Unstoppable’, leading up to the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. The clip showcases the talents and efforts of athletes such as Brazilian football megastar Neymar Jr., US track star Ashton Eaton, Chinese swimming champion Ning Zetao, and UK Cyclist Andrew Tennant.

SIA starts things off with her amazing vocals which help emphasise the emotion, passion, and strength being portrayed, whilst King Push delivers the finishing blows with his silky smooth flow, driving home the point of perfection not always being pretty, and finishing the track strongly. This, of course, not being his first foray collaborating with major companies, having been recently outed as the low-key mastermind behind the McDonalds ‘I’m Loving It’ campaign many years ago. This Gillette campaign serves to add to his hip-hop icon status, as well as diversifying his portfolio…

With the Olympics just around the corner, qualifying athletes are gearing up to take to the track, pitch, pool, or stadium, aspiring for a chance to obtain a gold medal, the song and array of accompanying clips are set to get us pumped for the spectacle and serve as a reminder to future stars and us mere mortals, just how much it actually takes to get to that level.

  • Words: Bolaji Teniola

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