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Weekly updates

“Maybe in the nursing home all the other grandmas will be knitting and I’ll still be making beats”.

We Hope so too TOKiMONSTA.

Jennifer Lee, also know as her rabbit-themed alias TOKiMONSTA, talks backstage at SOUNDCHECK on her Australian Tour for The Operatives as part of their new video series.

First up in the series on some of the world’s finest electronic producers, Lee confesses her mum wasn’t all about her making music and didn’t understand she actually had a following until she read a write up about Lee in a Korean Newspaper.

The DJ beauty also touches on her launch onto the music scene after losing her ‘real job’ and taking herself on tour. And now that she is legit that means no more 7am ‘real job wake-ups’, but sleep in and working in pyjamas.

Check it out above.

Jamie-Maree Shipton