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Watch: That time Kendrick Lamar performed with Prince at Paisley Park

"It only makes me wish for the way things used to be"

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If you need something to put a pep in your morning, this video will probably do it. The world is still coming to terms with the death of musical legend Prince but there has also been an outpouring of love and appreciation of his art and remembrance of his influence on fans, famous and otherwise. And now, coming from the team behind his The Prince Museum Facebook page, we get to see another recent epic memory to marvel in. During a live show¬†at The Artist’s Paisley Park Studios, Kendrick Lamar was enough to share the stage with the iconic musician, with both dropping a few verses for the captivated crowd. The footage has been kept under wraps until now, with Prince’s estate captioning they were “posting only to share the man’s talents”. Do yourself a favour and make sure you watch the video below today.

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