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Superbabe and ACCLAIM Magazine cover star Tinashe comes through with the latest video treatment for her equally catchy follow up to ‘2 On’ (sans the Iggy Azalea remix verse, a welcome omission) and it’s quite pleasing to the eye. Since the song’s title vaguely refers to a nautical theme, we get as close as we comfortably can in the setting of a shipping dock littered with containers. Tinashe sports a black tank top, booty shorts, and white-on-white kicks, maintaining her style mantra of enticing but classy. While her label are obviously taking advantage of her stunning beauty, they’ve still consistently managed to keep something to the imagination, which is something that actually deserves props in today’s musical climate.

A dope visual recurs throughout the video with a wide shot revealing a set of open shipping containers amongst the stack with Tinashe and her dancers doing their thing within and gets even cooler later on as the lights go down and only shadows remain. Tinashe models a variety of looks in the vid, going from leading a Warriors-style gang, complete with metal bar for beating in heads, to a shipping yard ballerina covered in calamine lotion, and then seemingly a conspiracy theorist in a tin foil jacket. As I have already accepted her as my personal queen, I’ll just avoid questioning the message.

Watch the video in the gallery above.

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