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Lo and behold, the wait is finally over. After wanting to get my hands on some WEDIDIT merch for longer than I can remember – I was even too drunk to remember to buy anything at Shlohmo‘s show – the crew have finally restocked their store on KINGS99 with brand new t-shirts and jumpers, as well as a sticker pack.

“A lot of the imagery we use in designs are references from other things; it’s like the bootlegging mentality,” explains Nick Melons – fellow WEDIDIT member and manager to various members including RL Grime and Shlohmo.

WEDIDIT founding member Shlohmo did a lot of the designing on the merch, with some help from Melons. “A lot of things are intentionally pixelated and laid on top of things that are more high-definition. It fucks with your eyes a little bit. It’s kind of like a weird internet algorithm, like finding little pieces of culture and shitting it out onto a paint canvas,” he explains. “We’re always making things that look like they’re made by people who don’t understand cultures or demographics and are trying to do everything. Like how bad menus get put together at restaurants: something that is unconsciously cool, or maybe beautiful.”

I’ve already spent more than I would like to admit on the new merch, you can do the same here.


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