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As Kaytranda’s manager William Robillard-Cole spends a lot of time touring the world and meeting amazing people. Last year Will started documenting the people he meets on the road, capturing moments and intimate portraits. He sent us some of his faves and explained what kicked off the passion project.

“I started taking 35mm photos only as recently as 2016. I regret it because I would have way more if I had done this when we started touring with Kay back in 2013! I decided to do it because taking a photo with your phone and uploading it felt too easy and I’ve liked the grainy look of film since I was young. I found this guy in Toronto who hoards old film cameras and bought my Minolta Hi Matic AF2 from him. He had literally piles of them, his whole house is filled with vintage cameras… and an odd smell.”

Kaytranada will be in Australia for FOMO By Night 2018 alongside SZA and Post Malone, you can get tickets here.

Weekly updates