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Weekly updates

Okay, this shit has gotten out of hand. Just when everyone forgot what a Kreayshawn was and her former weed dealer Lil Debbie took her spot in the most ratchet place in our hearts, we’ve come across yet another white chick with weak bars who wants join the dance party on the grave of hip-hop.

But this time she’s different. Instead of passing herself off as a suburban misfit who never quite fit in because her peers said she was “acting black” when all along she was just being herself, Boyfriend is well aware of how undeniably “down” she is not and just wants to make you like her by exploiting her own quirkiness and spitting lyrics about wearing her grandma’s crappy hand-me-downs. Even though she stole the whole basis of her flow from Kitty [Pryde], Boyfriend reminds us of a Generation-Y Tina Fey mixed with a Lena Dunham who’s not getting any sex. She’s cool in an uncool way.

We’d say she’s just joking around, but this chick has been practicing and posting videos on Youtube for over a year, and it looks like she just moved from rural Tennessee to LA to pursue some sort of creative career, which hopefully isn’t rap-related. This is not what the game’s been missing, but this beat sure does knock. Watch her up top.

Dwayne L. Yates