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Weekly updates

Another day, another rap beef materialises on social media. Yesterday, Metro Boomin took to Twitter to air some opinions about the sheer volume of rap mixtapes dropping these days. “Everyday I wake up, new mixtapes are falling out of the sky. . I think we all know where they trend came from lol”. The tweet included a photo of Future, sipping tea (we assume).

He obviously had some valid points, although one artist who is definitely guilty of releasing a new tape every month, Young Thug, took this series a little too personally and decided to call out the producer directly. And for some reason, in his response to the alleged URL shade, he thought it would be relevant to refer to himself as Michael Jackson and Future (presumably) as Tito. Future, having stayed out of the conversation despite the mentions that would surely be blowing up his timeline, has only just chimed in, albeit briefly.

It hasn’t taken long for Thugger to hit back though—calling both Metro and Future ‘late’… like his Rolex (conveniently). Check out some of the Twitter exchange in the gallery and keep your eyes on your timeline for this to inevitably escalate.