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Young Franco and Pell Spill the Juice

To celebrate the release of their new track 'Juice', the Brisbane producer and New Orleans MC sit down for a tense interrogation.

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Young Franco has been on a golden run recently, from extensive radio plays globally to sold-out tours spanning Asia, Europe and Australia. It appears that the Brisbane-born artist and producer isn’t slowing down any time soon, either. For his latest single ‘Juice’, Franco has recruited New Orleans-based rapper Pell, who brings an infectious energy to Franco’s versatile production.

To celebrate the release of their new track, Acclaim sat in on a very juicy conversation between the two young artists to gain some insight into their process, and hear about their preferences when it comes to… juice.

Young Franco: If you could only have one juice for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pell: It would be cranberry. Great balance of sweet and sour.

Young Franco: What album have you been listening to lately, whats an all-time album you think is underrated?
I’ve been listening to Something Like A War by Kindness. An all-time underrated album to me would still have to be Unpredictable by Jamie Foxx. So much versatility that I feel goes under-appreciated amongst people who value range. It’s big but could still be played more today, I guess. 

Young Franco: What’s the first concert you went to?
Pell: NSYNC’s No Strings Attached Tour May 27th, 2000. My brother, Micah, took me.

Young Franco: What Australian animal do you want to see the most?
Pell: Tie between kangaroo and dingos. I like dogs, but I think the kangaroo is just wild. I’m going to be cautious though because I’ve seen Youtube videos of them squaring up to humans in the wild.  


Pell: How do you choose the artists you collaborate with?
Young Franco: I find the people I like working with most are artists with their own releases that I really enjoy. I think it’s a great starting point if you are a fan of the person you are working with. 

Pell: What’s the first juice you tried and didn’t like? Where and when was it?
Young Franco: I don’t remember where the first time I had grape juice but I remember thinking this DEFINITELY doesn’t taste like grape or juice.

Pell: When steroids were a popular scandal in the MLB (US professional baseball) they referred to it as “juicing”. Do you watch baseball? Also, what sport, if any, did you play growing up?
Young Franco: I don’t watch baseball. I think cricket is the equivalent over in Australia (but I don’t watch that either lol). I played a lot of soccer and running. I don’t think juicing is/was a big problem in soccer? I’d have to check.

Pell: Tim Tams or Haribo Bananas?
Young Franco: 
Tim Tams all day baby. Pro-tip is having Tim Tams with a cup of tea and using it as a straw.

Stream ‘Juice’ below and follow Young Franco and Pell for more.

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