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Weekly updates

Ah New Zealand. Home to Karen Walker, Qubic store, Peter Jackson, Manual Mag and heaps more awesome shit that’s not ski and snowboard exclusive according to Air New Zealand’s new campaign…

Titled “The Kiwi Sceptics”, the concept for the campaign sees the airline try to turn around the attitudes of closed-minded Aussie a-holes who would rather go to the US, UK or Asia ahead of NZ. In the series, Air NZ trick their subjects into thinking they’re flying somewhere like Vegas or Paris, and instead end up in New Zealand.

One of the recent installments features Sydney hipster, Patrick—“part-time DJ, full-time social photographer, ironic t-shirt wearer, ironic tattoo bearer and non-fan of NZ” who hangs out with his NZ counterpart for a few days… The narration is actually pretty hilarious (provided by Rhys Darby) and what his Kiwi doppleganger has to say about Sydney dudes’ penchant for wearing ultra low-V-necks actually made me LOL. They visit boutiques, bars, the iconic Roxy theatre in “Wellywood” and Mighty Mighty, a bar that proves no matter where you are in the world, there’s always going to be girls prepared to make out with one another to get their photo put on a website. Comforting really. Kinda like Starbucks.

In the end ol’ Patrick has a new sense of love and respect for the country and has some nice get up to go home with. You can also see the same process go down with the Bali Girl, Europhile and Aussie Aussie. And while we’re feeling the Kiwi love, shout outs to our NZ stockists: Qubic Store, Loaded, Beat Merchants, ILoveUgly, VICNZ and Arcade. Pop in and tell them ACCLAIM sent ya!