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Converse is Cleaning the Air Through Sustainable Public Art

The iconic footwear brand has launched a new initiative dubbed ‘Converse City Forests’ that sees artists around the globe create murals using air purifying paints.

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Converse has teamed up with Sydney artist Elliott Routledge (FKA Numskull) to paint a mural in his home town that not only cleans the air, but also helps plant trees in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland. Launching a campaign in cities across the globe, Converse has tapped members of their global All Stars community to paint murals in cities across the world using KNOxOUT paint, which uses sunlight to reduce noxious air pollutants, purifying the surrounding air.

The public art campaign has been dubbed Converse City Forests and is a celebration of creating together for social progress. The mural designed by Elliott Routledge is located on high-traffic Cathedral St in Woolloomooloo and absorbs enough air pollutants to plant the equivalent of 183 trees in inner-city Sydney. The design for the Converse City Forest mural was created in collaboration with Rainforest Rescue and draws inspiration from the fauna and flora of the Daintree, promoting the message that ‘Trees are the Answer’.

As part of the campaign, a series of patches also designed by Elliott will be available for purchase online and at Converse stores, with all proceeds donated to Rainforest Rescue, who protect and restore rainforests in Australia through buy-back of at-risk rainforest and nature reserve certification, along with planting and restoration. Patch sets are available to purchase for $20 from www.converse.com.au

Converse is actively looking to keep the momentum going, with a second mural planned to go up in inner-city Melbourne later in the yearTo learn more about Converse City Forests and opportunities, visit www.converse.com.au/city-forest-sydney and www.conversecityforests.com

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