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Darren Oorloff defies the norm for Rated One Star

The Melbourne art director always keeps it bold and wild

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This is Darren Oorloff’s internet. Cutting through the music industry noise with his distinctive design and art direction, the Melbourne native’s take on album artwork is as fresh as it is prolific. It’s his prerogative to disrupt the usual and unhinge the norm. Fusing the geometric with the organic, Darren creates imagery that’s as futuristic as it is nostalgic.

An advocate for the art of collaboration, Darren has fostered many of his connections through the web. Wielding internet aesthetics and a knack for online tropes like glitch art and elements of vaporwave, his art direction is unlike most.

Featuring in Converse’s latest Rated One Star campaign, Darren’s eye for the strangest details takes precedence. The way he styles his One Stars reflects that: bold, charismatic, and ungoverned. His style and work are inherently innovative and intelligent, and it’s a call to action for every creative who has felt the drive to push the envelope in their industry to the extremes.

Watch Darren Oorloff unleash his audacious style on Converse’s Rated One Star in the video above.

  • Music by: Kyle Setch

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