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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present Limit’d November Edition

Featuring Bernie Ibini-Isei, LIMB, the latest sneaker drops, and more

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Who can believe November has been and gone already because we certainly can’t. And, in the spirit of disbelief, this issue of Limit’d has a bit of an odds defying feel to it.

Gracing the cover is Bernie Ibini-Isei. The professional footballer has been impressing people with his talent since his early days as a youth player at Blacktown City, and has just recently made a triumphant return to Sydney FC. We had Chad Gibson of Local FC sit down with him to chat about mental strength, physical determination and the highlights of his career so far.

The ladies behind Melbourne-based label LIMB also feature. Sinead Hargreaves and Andria Kiefer were friends, and at one point roommates, long before they became business partners and it shows – each collection they’ve made has been gorgeously cohesive. The pair have recently opened LIMB’s first physical store on Johnston Street in Fitzroy, which for a label only a year old is no small feat.

We love that as the year closes people are gearing up for new projects and new ideas, and because major FOMO is always an issue we decided to do something new too. You might notice that the Limit’d app needs an update, and it looks a little different—that’s because it is. We’ve changed up the design a little bit to make it easier to use, faster to download and just an all around better experience.

Limit’d has all of this and tons more. It’s bursting with the freshest sneaker releases and Hypekit—Hype DC’s curated collection of apparel. Download the digital magazine to experience a new dimension of interactivity and add depth to your reading experience. Seamlessly flip between colourways and styles, go behind the scenes on our features, and shop directly from the application. Download it now!

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