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Weekly updates

If the Facebook comments we get on some of our style posts are any indicator, there is a very vocal minority out there in our readership who have an abhorrence to anything vaguely, shall we say ‘directional’ in menswear. I’m sure the majority of you when presented with an image of a metallic leather brogue with fluro contrast stitching or a neoprene royal blue bomber think to yourselves “That’s interesting, perhaps a little out there for me, but I appreciate the idea” rather than comment, and I quote an actual Facebook commenter here: “Ugly as fuck i cant wait to see what shitheads actually wear this bullshit”.

Ahhh, bless. Perhaps it’s an Aussie thing. We’re taught that making a visible effort in pretty much any facet in our lives makes us seem like a wanker (shout outs to tall poppy syndrome), so making an effort in your appearance? What are ya? A poofter or something? Well sir maybe I am a poofter or something, if SOMETHING refers to a guy that dresses well, has an interest in the fine art of form and function and understands the pull a well put together ensemble has on the libidos of the opposite sex. There’s nothing ‘poofter’ about getting laid by a woman now is there? Remind me again why I feel the need to defend my sexuality to a guy wearing cargo shorts and a Tap Out tshirt… But I digress… in the interests of broadening our ideas as Aussie men on menswear and dressing I present to you 10 takeaways from the latest Men’s Fashion Week shows. Now, like any high fashion these head to toe looks are pretty #DIRECTIONAL but to dismiss them as OTT euro club wear is to throw out the babes with the bath water. We all know how much tailoring is the foundation of all good menswear, not to mention how high-street and streetwear brands take their majority of cues from couture. What most dudes diss today, will be trickling down to a mall strip near you in about eight months. So there is much to takeaway from these captains of industry. Scroll through the above for some interpretations from the catwalk to broaden your style options this season.