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2 Chainz enters the ugly Christmas sweater game

Nothing says Christmas like a dabbing Santa

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Christmas in Australia is always too warm for us to indulge in the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ trend but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good, bad festive jumper. This year, 2 Chainz has decided to enter the ring with a few of his own designs and they’re pretty much exactly what you might expect from him. You can grab an adorable dabbing Santa design, or there’s also a more baller version of the ‘suit shirt’, with two gold chains printed around the neckline—offset by weed or snowflakes, depending on how chill your family is. What started off as a joke has quickly gone viral and we’re suspecting there will be a lot of dabbing Santas popping up on your social feeds this December. Check out the designs above and head here to purchase your own (or punish someone else with one).

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