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Brad Hall is the enigmatic anti-hero of the sneaker unboxing game. The man has been hailed and harassed by people confused as to whether the man dressed in business casual is poking fun at the sneaker community, or providing a refreshing perspective. Conspiracy theorists have even gone as far that the man is unboxing’s version of an ‘industry plant‘ made by Complex to market an upcoming product.

We can neither confirm nor deny the accusations, but we can confirm that Brad Hall is an absolute lord.

In his recent video he has his hands on the Yeezy 350 Boosts and he’s stoked because he’ll get to wear them on his upcoming family trip. He’ll be going to Seattle for two weeks, you see, and he’s hoping the Yeezy’s full-length Boost tech will stop his knees from flaring up.

In the video you can see an on-foot presentation like no other as well get the opportunity to purchase the must have fashion accessories like his signature shoe horn, and a T-shirt showing Brad Hall offering you his signature shoe horn. Get them both here before they’re re-selling DS for $300AUSD in six months.

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