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Weekly updates

For those of you uninitiated, the Coveteur is a site your girlfriend frequents where they profile different individuals from the fashion biz through photos of their homes and objects they own. It’s kinda like The Selby but I guess a little more pedestrian in terms of the people they highlight (Lauren Conrad for instance) and with more of a focus on the high-end brands they own. It’s actually a really visually rich site and whilst the constant boner for anything ‘brand’ can get a bit repetitive it’s definitely engaging in a ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ kinda way.

They’ve started to delve a little more into featuring guys from the ‘street’ industries of late.  Most recently, jeweler to the stars Ben Baller. His LA home is much what you would expect (Murakami, Supreme, Bearbricks, his Bentley and a shitload of shoes). Very LA-street meets Asian-Pop (art not music!) and slightly on the obnoxious tip (was the stacks of money necessary? He is called Ben Baller however). Check out some of the selects above in the gallery and to see the whole place with his (pretty funny) commentary, head on over to the site.