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Complex explores the lucrative world of Supreme reselling in new documentary series

“It’s a necessary evil that no one understands”

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The good folk at Complex have dropped the first part of their original documentary series SOLD OUT, an exploration of the craze surrounding one of the biggest brands in streetwear, Supreme. The brand seems to be collaborating and dropping a new collection every week, always in limited runs and almost always selling out instantly, and a large contributor to this is the reseller—buying up big with the intention to flip the products for even more profit. In the first instalment of SOLD OUT, the team gets some insights from actual resellers, Supreme fans, and streetwear writers and commentators. It’s an eye-opening look at today’s consumerism, and how the internet has pushed this brand from its local roots and into the hands of high-paying hypebeasts the world over. Check out Part 1 above and stay tuned to Complex for subsequent instalments in the near future.  

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