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I’m not a smoker. My merciless lungs will punish me for months with hacking coughs if I dare to inhale any smoke. If the smoking didn’t kill me, everyone trying to sleep while I cough all night would. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate smoking culture – I spend 90% of my time at bars and clubs chatting up a storm in the smoking area, inhaling all that toxic second-hand smoke which will inevitably kill me anyway. Whether I’m smoking or not, seems like I’m going to die in a cloud of my nicotine-addicted friends’ pleasures. And that’s really the premise behind the latest Bodega drop – “everything is killing us anyway”. So let’s celebrate the insidious, cancer-inducing sticks that everyone loves so dearly with the Bodega “Loosies” drop – a series of caps that are just as stylish as a blasé figure with a cigarette perched between flaccid fingers.

You can cop them online now.

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