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Weekly updates

Earlier this month before a girl named Sandy came along, I had an opportunity to head to New York as part of a press junket and seeing that I’ve never travelled to NY before, I decided to extend my stay for an extra ten days to do some extra work, catch up with some friends and explore as much of the city as I possibly could. With my internal dialogue screaming “#YOLO!!”, I embarked on my first trip to The States with two main objectives; squeeze as many adventures into my trip as possible and take photos of everything with my new Canon that I just started using. With the help of Eastpak,  I’ll be sharing some of the photos I’ve brought back from New York. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Here’s a few photos from my second week where I spent the majority of my time in Manhattan while I was staying in mid-town on 34th and 8th right near Times Square. I’ve seen some photos from the devastation Sandy caused to the city and I feel blessed that I could enjoy the city before the storm him just a fortnight afterwards.

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