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Weekly updates

Karl Lagerfeld, aka Chanel lord and unforgiving fashion authority, has released his own line of…emojis. Yes, the high fashion designer has ventured into the field of new-age communication and co-signed his own app (of course) that allows you to combine text with Karl-themed emojis, including various hand gestures in fingerless gloves, multiple expressions of Karl’s face and his beloved cat Choupette.

The app is available for free via iTunes and Google Play but it’s not something you can incorporate into your existing messaging keyboard – didn’t think Karl would make it that easy to obtain, did you? Because even his free shit is aspirational. After you download the app, you’ll need to compose your message within it and then you can disperse it however you wish – message, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, whatever.

Coinciding (surprise, surprise) with the release of his new fragrance line, Karl Parfums, some of the image messages are not-so-sneakily followed by #KarlParfums. So, it’s slightly impractical, aesthetically pleasing and serves as a unashamed marketing tool – sounds like farshun to me.

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